Two sides of the coin |

Two sides of the coin

Shel Sussman


In response to Ms. Rice’s letter of Nov. 28, with due respect in your sharing of your opinion of the recent Republican shortcomings, there were without question issues that should have been and need to be addressed in addition to two terrible comments by Republican candidates for the senate.

Yes, you are right the conservative side did indeed have support from a number of conservative radio talk shows and cable Fox news. That is one side of the aisle.

Now let’s take a look at the support from the other side of the aisle. The major networks, NBC-CBS-ABC, which though they try to be a “little” balanced, basically did support this President.

Then we have MSNBC that is Democratic support on steroids.

Then we have the N.Y. Times, L.A. Times, and Chicago Tribune, all journals who without question were in support of the re-election of President Obama. That is a lot of clout for the Democratic side of the aisle. A little aside, all of those journals are from large electoral vote states.

We can dwell on all of the promises President Obama made in his 2008 run with total support in both houses and the biggest issue at hand was the rapidly decling economy and massive loss of jobs, so what happens we get a Obama Care Health program that according to most media outlets was 60 percent unpopular with the voting public, as we all know in the first two years the president had total majority in both houses.

We can go on and on about the various types of entitlements that have exploded, with due respect to the many, many families who have been affected by the weak job market. We know there are many abuses in those areas, and it doesn’t take much thought to realize that the majority of the folks who are benefitting are going to vote for the administration in power in the recent election.

You are so right. We all need to do our homework on the candidates.

As the old saying goes every coin has two faces.