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Turkey preparation as described by second-graders

Lisa Welch

Mrs. Jacobson’s second-grade class at Jacks Valley Elementary School weighed in on the question, “How would you stuff and cook your turkey for Thanksgiving?”

Savanah Garcia, “First you buy the turkey. Then you stuff it with breadcrums or juce. You cook the turkey for about half an hour and when it’s done, you surve the turkey.”

Conor Agnason: “you just put bred, meat, juis and just let it sit in the mikowave for just a half hour.”

Justin Steven, “you by the turkey, stuff it and cook it.”

Cody Lopez, “to bui a turkey, stuff it with bred croms, cook it for one hour and then you get to eat it.”

Kristina Benbrooks, “buy the turkey at the store, stuff the turkey with chicken, apple juice or bread crums, tie the legs together and tie the opening up, then put it in the oven at one-nindy for about an hour.”

Wolfie Weiss, “buy it from the store, stuff it with bred crums and juice, tie the legs cook it with a timer for twenty minutes and the tempicher at one hundred degreaes, let it cool and eat it.”

Austin Travers, “buy it, stuff it with bred crums, chicken and stuffing, string where you stuff it, cook at 102 degrees for an hour and eat it.”

Patrick Larsen, “buy it, put the stuffing in, put it in the oven for an hour, get it out of the oven and eat it all up ensept the bone, then go to bed.”

Grace McKay, “by it, stuff it with juice and bread crums, cook it for two minutes and eat it.”

Tristen Strange, “you buy it, cut a hole in it and stuff it with anything. Then cook it at 120 degrees then eat it.”

They seemed to have some ideas on the subject, but I’ll cook mine just a little longer. Have a great Thanksgiving holiday.

Pinon Hills Elementary updates

The fall book fair/spirit wear for family night is 6:30-8 p.m. tonight. You may order the 2010 yearbook for the early bird price of $16.

The Straw Hat Pizza fundraiser is 5-8 p.m. Thursday. Mention PHES so 50 percent of the profits will be donated to the school.

Deadline to order spirit wear is this Friday. They even offer hooded zip sweatshirts this year.

Bird watching

Johnson Lane resident Ken Robinson called recently to say he saw a bald eagle land on a fence post by Vicky Lane around Kid’s Kind of Place. You’re lucky, Ken.

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