Try mothballs in your tank |

Try mothballs in your tank


I read a nice article in one of our local papers about getting the gas prices to drop. I would like to pass on some information that would certainly help the situation.

I have been using mothballs in my gasoline powered vehicles since back in the ’50s, without Ill effects on my engines. It increases my mileage by as much as 5 miles per gallon, increases performance by boosting the octane and is the same as paying 20 cents more per gallon for premium.

I find my supply of mothballs at Walmart. Enoz is the brand and I buy them in the one-pound box that lasts me up to three months. The main ingredient is Naphthalene.

You start out by filling your tank, insert two balls per gallon into your tank and they will dissolve in less than 20 minutes. Each time you fill up, add two per gallon added.

If we all do this, thereby using less gas, what do you think would happen to the price of gas? Lets fight back and put a stop to oil companies greed.

E. Enriquez