TRPA, Douglas plan together |

TRPA, Douglas plan together

This week the Douglas County Planning Commission reviewed master plan amendments that incorporate the Lake Tahoe Basin into the county plan.

The change is part of the new plan approved by the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency in December that turns more planning authority over to communities in the basin.

We believe we wouldn’t be discussing any of this had Nevada not threatened to take its part of the big blue marble that’s Tahoe and go home.

Senate Bill 271 passed in the 2011 Legislature called out the TRPA for ignoring concerns of residents at the Lake, and ignoring Nevada when it protested some of the more egregious liberties taken by the agency.

It said that if changes weren’t made, then Nevada wouldn’t need to go to Reno for a quickie divorce. We’d be out of the compact so fast it would make California’s head spin.

That seems to have spurred action on the part of the agency, which oversees planning at Lake Tahoe in an effort to preserve the Lake.

We say leave Senate Bill 271 in place for another two years, at least. The Sierra Club has challenged the TRPA plan, and those court cases have a bad habit of dragging on for a while. If it’s still not settled for the 2015 Legislature, extend it another two years.

We love Lake Tahoe, and believe in preserving it from overdevelopment. But people also have to live and work there. Finding a balance between those two requirements is what the TRPA was supposed to be doing. But for a long time, it seemed as though the people who lived at Tahoe were living in the world’s biggest and nastiest homeowner’s association. Threatening to leave may save the bi-state compact, and more importantly, the Lake.