Trip to New Orleans provides culture, lifetime of memories |

Trip to New Orleans provides culture, lifetime of memories

Record Courier Staff Reports

After a recent trip to N’Awlins – Cajun capital of the world – I was struck by the similarities between New Orleans and San Francisco.

The influence of the original explorers from Europe mixed with the local customs of the southeastern Gulf coast and tempered with the pioneer spirit of the settlers that forged west with no knowledge of what they would find is evident in the differences as well as similarities between the two cities.

The French Quarter reminded me, and so many other Northern Californians that we met during the convention, of San Francisco. If you added wrought iron balconies to the older homes in downtown San Francisco as well as a few hanging baskets, you could almost interchange the two neighborhoods.

I would imagine that some of those that left the French Quarter, or may have passed through on their way out to the west, decided to bring a bit of the heritage with them. While the French Quarter is known as the Jazz Capital, San Francisco has taken the cultural arts and melded many different venues into a cornucopia of offerings to please all palates.

Another historical area of New Orleans not as well known is the Garden District. This prestigious area is filled with antebellum homes of varying sizes and designs adorned with graceful old oaks, climbing roses, and almost every variety of flowering shrub imaginable. Right in the middle of the homes along St. Charles Street you will find Loyola University as well as Tulane University.

You can take the St. Charles Streetcar-they don’t like to be called trolleys for $1.25 one-way fare and view the sights from the oldest, continuous running electric streetcar in the United States. You can make a day of it by getting off occasionally and walking to get a close up view of the homes of author Anne Rice, rock star Trent Reznor, football star Peyton Manning, as well as enjoying the trails through Audubon Park and the nationally recognized Audubon Zoo which includes an 18 hole golf course.

April is Autism Awareness month and our local community will host a day for information this Sunday from 11a.m. to 2 p.m. at Lampe Park.

There will be several children’s fun activities as well as information for those who have been affected by this diagnosis. If you have any questions, please call 782-4138 or for more information, check out their Web site at

— Our neighbor, Bob McGraw, (injured in an accident Dec. 22) is slowly improving from his injuries. While he has not been able to return to work, he is getting more mobile and doesn’t have to wear the back brace for as long each day. There is still nerve damage and they will get the results of an MRI this Friday that will hopefully answer their questions. The account that was set up for medical bills has been closed and both DeeDee and Bob were extremely grateful for the support of our great community.

Hip Hip Hooray to you.

Have a Ramblin’ Good Week!

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