Trials and tribulations |

Trials and tribulations

The R-C Editorial Board

On Tuesday, defense attorneys sought a delay of the trial of three young Oregon men for drug trafficking to 2020, with one describing the trial schedule over the next year as “monstrous,” though accepting it was “in the nature of the beast.”

We suspect that it was pure coincidence that the trial date they got instead would wrap up within a week of Halloween.

But the trial schedule over the next year is pretty frightening.

District Judge Tod Young set the trial of a man accused of sexually assaulting a child to March 2020. The man was indicted by the Douglas County Grand Jury which last met in March 2018.

A drug trial was confirmed for a woman accused of drug trafficking on Monday.

And there is a murder trial scheduled in June in connection with a Stateline case that was also heard by the grand jury.

These trials only include the major criminal cases scheduled to be heard.

There are also several civil trials scheduled, one of which may be bumped by the trio accused of trafficking.

Under our legal system, people accused of a crime are entitled to a trial, making them indeed “the nature of the beast.” But each one costs the significant resources. And they affect more than county coffers.

Each participant in a trial, whether civil or criminal, will require a jury of people willing to put their lives aside and hear them out.

The stability of our justice system sits in the hands of those jurors, and we suspect that this year, it will be all hands on deck.