Trees to hide building |

Trees to hide building

Marsha Winckler


As I was reading in last week’s paper about the additional trees (evergreens) that I had seen being planted along 395 between the Johnson Lane area and the City of Minden entrance, I was dismayed at the pompous arrogance displayed in the writing. “the drivers shouldn’t look at the mountains, they should be looking at the cars ahead.” No peripheral vision allowed, no enjoyment of an extremely unique and spectacular view, neither should any of the passengers in cars or buses look out the window, I suppose.

I wrote a year ago concerning this menace to the spectacular view we have heretofore enjoyed. I noticed that within one month these “tree lovers” managed to finagle a front page spread complete with picture in the Nevada Appeal.

It proclaimed what a wonderful thing they were doing replacing a few old, but beautiful cottonwoods that had stood at the Minden Y before the highway was widened with this long stretch of view threatening trees. They could well plant them on the other side of 395. I personally doubt they are really tree lovers, but builders disguising themselves as such. I believe they are planning to build on the other side of the fence, so no mountains, no eagles, no red tailed hawks on perches, but we won’t care because our “nose should only be pointed toward the car ahead.” Do builders care about future consequences to the rest of the people. Note the mess with water rates that stood at $10 a month when we moved to the Johnson Lane area in the mid 1980s. I wonder what other improvements our dear builders are planning.

I think builders have every right to want to earn a livelihood, but I also believe they should bear the cost of their building, not destroying what makes this such a uniquely beautiful and formerly more affordable place to live, or passing on increased costs of their building to those who long ago made their home in this great Valley. We need a pay as you go building plan, with builders and new buyers absorbing the costs for their own needed improvements and a plan that doesn’t allow destruction of the view and access we’ve long enjoyed here.