TRE couple celebrate 60 years together |

TRE couple celebrate 60 years together

Record Courier Staff Reports

In relationships that last a long time, there seems to be two types of beginnings. There is the kind where two people are attracted to each other, they learn to love each other and just seem to grow together through the years. The second type is when two people discover the miracle of finding a true soul mate, and believe me, it’s no myth, it does happen.

For Patricia and George Flesner, 20-year residents of Topaz Ranch Estates, they are living proof that true soul mates do exist. The Flesners will be celebrating their 60th anniversary Jan. 10, but they have known each other since they were both in the fourth grade together in Southern California.

“We never dated or anything when we were in school,” Patricia said. “In fact we hardly spoke to each other, he was so quiet in school and I was really outgoing.”

They graduated from high school together and went their seperate ways, George joined the Army Air Corp. and Patricia got a job. Then Patricia and her family moved to North Long Beach, Calif. She made a friend in her new neighborhood who turned out to be someone who would help change her life. It just happened to be George’s older married sister, just half a block down the street, but because of her married name being different, Patricia made no connection to George until after he had returned from service and was in his sister’s driveway washing his car. Patricia was on her way down the street, all dressed up and heading to the bus stop to catch a ride. George noticed her in a big way. When he asked his sister about her he was told “just forget it, she’s engaged.” Finding out the engagment had been called off, George wasted no time in asking Patricia for a date. This was the 4th of September 1946 and by Jan. 10, 1947, they were married.

“The Army sure changed George a lot,” Patricia said. “He was obviously not the same quiet and shy person I had remembered from our school years.”

The Flesners have three daughters: Linda who lives in Boise, Idaho, Diana in Virginia and Carla, who lives in North Carolina. They also have six grandchildren.

“I would take back nothing,” Patricia said as George nodded in agreement about their 60-year marriage. Many congratulations to the Flesners.

Keep on keepin’ on.

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