Tragedy might have been worse |

Tragedy might have been worse

Record Courier Staff Reports

It is a tragedy that anyone was hurt or killed in the shooting that took place at Harrah’s Lake Tahoe Saturday afternoon.

But it would have been a disaster if Mr. Ex had been able to incapacitate the two Douglas County deputies.

Had he succeeded, there would have been nothing between Mr. Ex and a casino full of people but a single unarmed security officer.

It was the courage of deputies Dan Nelson and Erik Eissinger that kept Mr. Ex in the Diamond Room and ensured he would not have a chance to injure anyone else.

As it is, two of Mr. Ex’s bullets missed their mark and it is only good fortune that he didn’t end up killing an innocent.

The investigation will unfold in its own time, but according to reports issued to date, Mr. Ex was not a very happy gambler.

On probation for assault, it is our understanding Mr. Ex had no business having a gun in the first place, and he certainly didn’t have any business with a gun in a casino.

There were warning signs, we’re told. Mr. Ex’s female companion and the man who sold him the gun both said Ex’s behavior concerned them.

However, in the end, Mr. Ex purchased a pistol despite knowing he wasn’t supposed to own one. Mr. Ex decided to bring that pistol into a casino, knowing it was illegal and it was Mr. Ex who decided to draw that pistol and fire on deputies.

The final responsibility for Mr. Ex’s death, tragic though it may be, lies entirely with Mr. Ex.