Tracking Nevada’s lawmaking efforts |

Tracking Nevada’s lawmaking efforts

David Thomas


It seems more and more people are concerned these days about what government is doing for, and more importantly to, them. As our state Legislature convenes another session, citizen involvement in the process has never been easier. Two years ago my wife registered as an unpaid lobbyist for the legislative session. Any citizen can be a lobbyist, representing himself, and participate in the process. Benefits include access to all legislative sessions, spending a day on the legislature floor with your representative, and having your voice heard.

But it can be even simpler than that. All it takes is a computer. Go to the Nevada Legislature website at There you will find a wealth of information, be able to track the progress of bills, and can actually voice your opinion about specific bills before the Legislature. I have had my representatives tell me that, since no one legislator can be knowledgeable about all of the 1,000 or more bills introduced in the legislative session, often they will consult the online citizen votes for or against the bill. If the result is overwhelmingly for the bill, then the legislator is likely to vote to pass it. If the result is mainly negative, then the legislator will probably vote against it or let it die in committee. So you can make a difference. And the more citizens get involved, the better our representative system of government works.