Too much for water |

Too much for water


After doing a little reading about the upcoming water rate hikes for the local Douglas County water systems, I was very surprised to see that the rates are going up so much, especially for the fairgrounds district. If you live in that district, as we do, you will see your monthly base rate go from approximately $15 to $62.89 per month. That is a hike of 419-percent. That should get everyone’s attention, and that is just the base rate.

This district has the highest jump in rates, and we don’t know why.

Once spring and summer hit, your additional water usage will cause the bill to skyrocket, because the per-1,000-gallon costs are being hiked to $3.98 per 1,000 gallons for the first eight gallons, and $6.29 for the next 15,000 gallons and over 24,000 gallons goes to $8.76. The top rate before the hike was $2.09 per 1,000 gallons

Our neighbor across the street has been quoted that his new bill will be over $300 a month. I thought our current cost of about $50 to $100 per month in summer was high, now I am really concerned. Here we have spent several years planting a small portion of our yard, and it is finally starting to show some progress. All I can see is that we may have to cut back so much on the watering that we and other neighbors will lose our beautiful bushes and trees, which have cost thousands, spent in better times.

This, in the worst economic times that we have seen in our life times. Another neighbor tells us that if the rates go to that level, that he will not be able to afford the bill, and will put he and his wife over the edge, and cause them to walk away from their home, in which they are already upside down. Currently, the housing market couldn’t be worse, and just imagine driving through neighborhoods that have dead or dying trees and landscaping. Raising water rates could well add to our already distressed property values. This rate hike is so ridiculous, as to border on absurd.

The rates will be discussed at the Sept. 2 county commissioners meeting at the historic courthouse in Minden. I recommend that everyone that has the ability to attend that meeting do so and voice your opinions, for or against. I know we will be there to express our concerns. If you cannot attend, you can send in written comments to: Douglas Co Public Works, 1120 Airport Road. No. F-2, P O Box 218, Minden, NV 89423

Carol and Bruce Brundige

East Valley