Tobacco club teaches dangers of teen tobacco use |

Tobacco club teaches dangers of teen tobacco use

by Melinda Matus

Distinguished members of the Pau-Wa-Lu Teens Against Tobacco Use (T.A.T.U.) Club recently organized, practiced and presented a 45-minute assembly presentation on the deadly effects of tobacco use addiction.

The seventh through ninth grade teens covered important facts relating to tobacco use in five separate presentations aimed at the seventh grade population.

The youth created, outside their school curriculum, a skit using the Grim Reaper that allowed the seventh graders the opportunity to visualize the death of one American every 72 seconds due to tobacco illnesses.

The club members used BB’s to give an audio demonstration of the 440,000 deaths per year, in the United States due to tobacco.

They also educated the audience on the more than 4,000 chemicals found in tobacco products and demonstrated many of the 69 cancer causing chemicals found in cigarettes and/or the sidestream smoke through a chemical bucket of household cleaners.

They used medical display items, including a healthy and a cancer ridden, tar covered lung; a tar jar that contained the one quart of tar that goes into a human lung from smoking one pack of cigarettes a day for one year and Mr. Gross Mouth, which showed the students the oral cavity affects of chewing tobacco use.

To wind up the program the presenters threw a beach ball into the crowd which had 28 different “tobacco facts” questions already covered in the assembly.

If a student was able to answer the question right they were given a piece of candy.

These students are true leaders with a passion and dedication to advocate against tobacco products in an effort to educate their peers about the costly and deadly affects of tobacco use.

The American Lung Association program of T.A.T.U. is sponsored by the Partnership of Community Resources here in Douglas County. Any requests for student presentations can be arranged through the Partnership office at 782-8611.