To vote, perchance to dream |

To vote, perchance to dream

There weren’t any chairs thrown like the 2016 caucus in Las Vegas or any mis“h-apps” like Iowa earlier this year.

But if you were a rank and file Democrat who voted early and would like to know how your precinct turned out, that would be very difficult.

We’ve been told results were provided only to major media outlets because the party feared hackers might monkey with them.

Results are a critical function of an election and if participants can’t access those results, how can they have any confidence in the process?

And while Republicans were immunized from a caucus this year, that’s going to come up in 2024 for them, no matter the results of this year’s election.

On Monday afternoon, there was a suggestion that perhaps it’s time for a presidential primary.

It has been 40 years since the last presidential primary in Nevada, which was held in May 1980.

We don’t oppose the idea of moving a primary ahead on the calendar that would include presidential candidates, but we don’t have any interest in paying for a third election every four years.

But what we think would really improve things would be having the entire nation hold primaries on the same date. Imagine no more states jockeying for first place, so it really wouldn’t matter when the primaries were held. But that is more dream than a real possibility.