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’Tis the season

It was so foggy for Gardnerville’s Christmas Kickoff the fireworks looked sort of like flashing lights under a plastic container.

But the Sierra Bellringers and both children’s dance groups helped stave off the chill brought on by the fog.

Forecasters predicted that the fog would burn off at some point on Thursday, but it stuck like glue the whole day and through the next.

Genoans were warm in the town church singing carols before it was time to step into the night to light Hope Falcke’s Christmas tree.

Santa arrived on a fire engine in Nevada’s oldest town while the people of Minden gave the big guy a rock star welcome, including flashes from cell phones.

People wonder how Santa can deliver so many presents and be in multiple places at once.

It could be because he exists in a quantum mechanical realm that allows him to be multiple places, like Minden and Genoa, at the same time.

Or it might just be magic.

Speaking of magic, the forecasters who thought the fog was going to part, also predicted almost exactly when the deluge would arrive on Saturday, thankfully.

With only 13 more shopping days left until Christmas we’re a tad giddy with the prospect of the season.

We hope that everyone has an opportunity to enjoy the next two weeks as much as we’ve enjoyed covering the last.