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Tiregate skids into elections

It has been 10 months since the county began the investigation into what has come to be referred to as Tiregate. Information about what may be the biggest embezzlement in county history involving hundreds of thousands of dollars has been sparse.

There are a few things we know.

For one thing neither the sheriff nor the District Attorney’s Office will be announcing the results of their investigation.

That’s because the criminal probe is being conducted by the Nevada Department of Investigation and will be prosecuted by the Attorney General’s Office.

The District Attorney’s Office is conducting the internal investigation, which because county employees can be compelled to talk or lose their jobs, will remain confidential under state and federal law.

We’ve contacted the state, but it’s not unusual for those investigations to remain silent until there’s an indictment.

We don’t know for certain how much money was lost by the sale of tires for vehicles the county doesn’t even own. In the last year alone that amounted to 400 tires, which at more than $100 a throw amounts to around $50,000 all by itself.

We don’t know how long the thefts have been going on, though it appears from the losses that they may have started as early as 2011.

While we can’t imagine that this case didn’t make it before the grand jury, we have no way of knowing for certain until they issue their report. We hope that’s going to happen sometime in the coming weeks, which will mark a year since they started work.

It’s our hope that report includes enough details about the thefts to help clarify what actually happened, and who was responsible.