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Tiregate report hits home

A 99-page Nevada Division of Investigation report delving into the Tiregate thefts pointed out around nine people detectives believed to be culpable in the theft of $1 million in tires from the county.

It was nearly four months after the report was approved by the state department and forwarded to the Attorney General’s Office.

Another month went by before a letter declining to prosecute anyone involved in the case was received by The Record-Courier, prompting the public records request that resulted in the report being released.

We’re not bragging about uncovering the letter or the subsequent release of the report. Over the past two years, whenever The R-C has reported on Tiregate it has sought comment on the status of the investigation, the last time in November.

Maybe if we’d asked every week, we would have had something sooner.

The state’s detectives did a pretty good job of putting together what happened during the half-dozen years or so that Oakden was buying tires on behalf of the county, selling them and pocketing the proceeds.

District Attorney Mark Jackson said he will be discussing legal options with county commissioners individually over the next few weeks and that he hopes to have an item on the March 7 agenda.

We know there are county commissioners who will seek action in the case.

Now that the report is completed, the county’s $1 million insurance claim should be processed. The insurer will obtain a copy of the report and we’re certain will be pursuing reimbursement of its payout.

In this instance, private enterprise may well bring a modicum of justice to what has been the largest embezzlement of public money in Douglas County’s long history.