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Time to vote


Vote. The coming election is monumental in that it is pivotal. One has the choice between those who value the extraordinary intellect, vision and courage of our “Founders” (Constitutionalists) versus the “progressive” (socialist), utopian blindness that at its best founded misery, and at its fascist extreme cost tens of millions of lives. History of the latter has been obscured (Lenin, Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, Mao … currently Castro, Mugabe, Chavez, Ortega, etal) and at times actually lauded by Obama’s confreres.

Though never having been a success anywhere, socialism has been imposed on Americans in sub-rosa increments (frog in the gradually boiling pot analogy). This would have been impossible if our academics, the media, and the “air heads” in Hollywood were not in the “tank”. It took the arrogance of this administration shoving knowingly unwanted legislation down the throats of the large majority of our citizens to awaken the “Sleeping Giant.” Americans don’t lose battles when they are challenged. Vote.

Dick Witzig