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Time to slow master plan update

If county commissioners really want to slow down the update to the master plan, they need to make that clear to staff soon.

On Tuesday, planning commissioners were told that a special meeting around Oct. 21 would be necessary to get the maps to county commissioners by their first meeting in November.

Both those maps and any ordinance brought forward as part of it would require two meetings to approve. The county process has been to only hold a public hearing during the second reading of ordinances, so it seems that perhaps commissioners won’t really need planning commission minutes until the second reading, which would be in December.

The county tried to jumpstart the master plan update last spring, but the introduction of a receiving area swap between Park properties in Topaz Ranch Estates and Carson Valley seems to have slowed that process down.

We agree with those who think that amendment to the master plan, because that’s what it is, should be heard separately from the rest of the plan.

Noticing that meeting would be far less fraught with chances for error that resulted in last week’s action to rescind both approval of the maps and a development agreement.

There is some concern about the Muller Lane Parkway right of way, but it might be a good idea to double check that’s something that requires the exchange at all.

We know the Parks attorney has said the county is in default on that 2007 agreement, but that’s pretty much his job.

We believe it wouldn’t be a bad thing for the Parks to memorialize notice of that default and deal with that in the open air.

Even if Muller Lane Parkway was built as a limited access freeway, it wouldn’t alleviate the traffic for a majority of Carson Valley’s users who travel from Minden to Carson every day. There are an estimated 33,000 vehicle trips a day at Highway 395 and Genoa Lane, and the number rises to 38,000 by the time you get to Topsy.

It’s only a decade before the state’s Highway 395 corridor plan expires, which called for six lanes and interchanges along the route. We don’t see that happening in the near, or even the distant future.