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Time to move on


The first responsibility of every business is to perpetuate its existence. To ensure that happens, a number of actions must occur. Awareness of customer needs, knowledge of laws and regulations and a keen eye on the behavior of competitors are all necessary traits of a successful endeavor. This is basic business,a 100 level class at any community college.

The new Walmart was on the horizon for quite some time. No one should have been surprised by its opening, least of all the grocers doing business in this valley. I am certain that those folks working at Scolari’s are good people. I do have empathy for their situation. They are facing some tough challenges.

Blaming Walmart for Scolari’s closure, however, is assigning accountability were none is warranted. Walmart sells tires, hardware and aspirin. Tires Plus and Les Schwab are still selling tires, Ace and Meeks are still selling drill bits and paint, and everybody sells aspirin. If we are going to point the finger at Walmart for Scolari’s demise then we also need to point the finger at Raley’s and Smith’s, two companies that actually took preemptive steps in updating their stores, re-training their employees and recalibrating their pricing and service. Those two grocers focused on the first responsibility of business, self-perpetuation. They took steps not only to survive but to prosper.

If you look back at the valley’s history, you will find that a number of grocers, large and small, existed and went out of business before and after Scolari’s opened. Which of those failed businesses do we blame on Scolari’s?

I believe in the free market. I understand we all have our favorite places to shop and are disappointed when those businesses are no longer there. Such is life. Time to move on or time to build a better mouse trap.

Marco Caldana