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Time to move on

Tommy Wilson-O'Brien
Topaz Ranch Estates


Through this election cycle, I have read letter after letter, slamming our president on everything he has done for the American people.

You would think this was a Tea Party publication. I have been a Douglas County resident since 1978 so I’ve seen and heard it all – Democrats bad, Republicans good. Even the article in The Record-Courier today on voters sounded like FOX News talking points.

I’m a registered Democrat and I have voted GOP on more than one occasion. I vote for the candidate not the party. That’s not the case in Douglas County.

I recently read that Douglas County has not voted for a Democrat for president since FDR. That’s more than 70 years of straight GOP voting. Charles Manson could run for president in Douglas and if he was a conservative, the right would vote for him. History shows that.

The American people have voted and shown that one-way, lop-sided thinking will no longer work in this country.

The Republican Party is totally out of touch with the average, middle-class American. (I’m 65, white, Irish, liberal and a minority in Douglas County)

Willard “Mitt” Romney was not what this country needed. He hasn’t created a job in years. He wanted to destroy women’s rights and send the country backwards; everything for the well-off and nothing for the middle-class. Last year I paid 24 percent taxes on $128,000 and was OK with that.

Mitt paid 14 percent on $20 million and still wanted lower taxes. Right now we have the lowest tax rate since the 1950s. Greed, it was all about greed. The GOP has become the party of “doom-n-gloom, America is on it’s way to the dumpster.” Not from where I sit, I’m doing much better than I was in 2008 when Bush left. I lost almost $30,000 from my 401K and since Obama, it’s all back.

Wake-up, Douglas County. The country has. The State of Nevada has. Douglas County needs a political makeover, or next election, you’ll be on the losing end again. We deserve better than bashing our president for doing a respectful job. The America I live in is not all “doom-n-gloom.”

Douglas County is a great place to live, so quit whining, man-up and get with the program. We’re smiling out here.