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Time to lose the weight for the grandkids’ sake

Well this month’s column is going to be about diets. There was a time in my life when I was 125 pounds, skinny as a rail. I ate a large bag of Lay’s potato chips for dinner followed up with a six-pack of soda. I couldn’t gain weight if you wrapped dumb bells around my neck. Alas that was my early 20s. I was so skinny I couldn’t get a date. At that time in my life I was a judgmental jerk. I would see obese people and wonder how they let themselves get to that level in life.

Fast forward to January 2018, it’s 37 years later and I am tipping 270 pounds. Nearly 150 pounds heavier than my judgmental self. Several doctors visit have me being chastised because I am prediabetic at weight. One doctor showed me a chart of my weight which looked like the Dow Jones on the best day in history. I was going to the gym three days a week and yet I was still packing on pounds. I knew it was time for me to actually do something.

I have been pretty successful in my life having retired from the military, built my house, raised great kids and found the love of my life. (She loves me regardless of the scales). However, I have always failed in the weight loss category of my life. Those bags of chips and six packs of soda along with my judgment had come back to haunt me. I felt as if I failed and that failure would deprive my grandchildren of their grandfather if something didn’t change soon.

Thankfully, I am born with a trait that doesn’t allow me to give up on things. By chance I asked my instructor at school if they wanted something for lunch and he showed the packet he was using as his lunch. Naturally, I was skeptical since I have been on many programs including protein shakes, Atkins, etc., etc. They were not very tasty, yes, I could lose pounds initially but I always turned my back on the programs. Jason, showed me the picture of his wife who successfully lost 75 pounds within a year. I was pretty impressed. So, I signed up for the program and here I am six weeks later down nearly 30 pounds. Those are results that motivate me to continue the program and set my life back on to a healthy path.

What I love about the program is the support. The support from the coaches, the other participants on the Facebook community, even technical advice that is available. The bars and recipes are pretty tasty and include chocolate chip cookies, brownies and cereal. You basically eat every two hours and have a lean and green meal at some point of the day. It is your choice to pick.

The best thing I like is the groups philosophy that it is your choice. If you choose to go off plan for a meal you can do that, just recognize it and get back on plan. There is no judgment, just support. I find this to be extremely supportive as we all know that we will cheat here and there. The goal is to win the war on weight loss and not every battle.

I know that the choice to change my life is mine. I am only accountable to myself and that I can fix it if I make a choice to indulge here and there. I can not blame the product as it has already proven itself to me and to many others with amazingly inspiring stories.

This month’s column is not a sales pitch, I am not going to divulge the program here. What I want to do here is remind myself and others that obesity is a nation-wide problem. Something that has affected me and my health. It is up to you to find a program that works for you and to stick with it. I promise I will not be the one judging as I am still considered obese and I still have some ways to go.

I will never be 125 pounds again as that is quite unhealthy. When I make it to the low 200s or even the 190s I will be one of the happiest people in the Valley. It will be a struggle but with the help of the plan and the plan’s community it will be easier than going it alone.

Thank you to my coaches and the undisclosed plan for changing my life and hopefully, given my grandkids many more years of grampa.

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