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Time to fix Topaz roads

R-C Editorial Board

Having taken a short tour of Topaz Lake’s roads, we know that they are bone-shakingly bad.

There are great gaping holes in the pavement, and in some places they might be better off without any asphalt on them at all.

Like so many places around the fringes of Douglas County, the roads didn’t start out paved.

But at some point, perhaps after residents complained, the county put down grindings and the rolled and sealed them.

That may well have improved things for a while, but without regular repairs, they reached their current state.

In exaggerating to a point about the condition of the roads, commissioner Dave Nelson pointed out that two Mini Coopers and a Volkswagen were lost in the potholes.

We know you couldn’t actually hide a car in one of the holes, but we agree that you might disable one by hitting a particularly bad spot at any speed.

We are happy that county commissioners are listening to Topaz residents, and feel this as close as the county has come in years to funding repairs there.

There are folks who contend that the county shouldn’t be spending money out of the general fund on local roads.

That’s because the general fund is raised by the county’s taxes on every property owner. There are residents of the more urban places in Douglas County who pay extra to have their roads repaired.

Just because the county didn’t charge residents living outside the towns and districts for their roads does not abrogate its responsibility for maintaining them.

We’d like to think that the county wouldn’t accept substandard roads from a developer. Why would anyone accept maintenance of substandard roads from the county?