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Time to fire up politics

R-C Editorial Board

With the recent flurry of activity over the airport ordinance, it may be just about time to start the campaign season for the Nov. 2 general election.

Douglas County is home to as many independent boards and taxing districts as exist in the rest of the state.

That means that every town and district has an elected board, and most of those have multiple candidates seeking your vote.

With the implementation of term limits, some familiar faces will be leaving, some to seek office for other boards.

Certainly with more than 70 purely Douglas board seats in play, some for districts that overlap geographically, it isn’t a surprise to see former Minden Town Board member Ray Wilson seeking a seat on the Minden-Gardnerville Sanitation District.

We anticipate that folks are going to want to support their candidates in the upcoming election and we are happy to provide space for them.

When accusations are made against a local candidate, we’ll do our best to verify, or at least give the accused an opportunity to defend themselves before allowing letters commenting on the topic.

We’ll be strictly enforcing the two-letter-per-writer limit, and ask folks to keep their letters brief and to the point.

Candidates may submit one letter, if they like, but we remind folks that a single letter to the editor is a shaky hook on which to hang a campaign. Our advertising department is ready and willing to help candidates shore up that hook.

We’re ready for the campaign to start rolling. Here’s hoping it’s a good one.