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Time to find out about scholarships

Chrissy McLaughlin is an intern at The Record-Courier

Every year, Douglas High School is teeming with scholarship opportunities for the graduating class. For the class of 2012, there are many ways students can familiarize themselves with the upcoming scholarships.

The scholarship coordinator, Vanessa Ozolins, is available on Thursdays during the last period of the day or Fridays after school to discuss your establishment with the scholarship office or to simply turn in your common application packet.

“Students can come in individually, and I walk them through the process,” Ozolins said. “It usually only takes 15 minutes.”

Currently, there are several upcoming scholarship opportunities seniors should be aware of for the quickly approaching month of December.

As I recently visited the Douglas High scholarship web page myself, I took note of the nearest upcoming opportunities, such as the Elk’s Most Valuable Student Award and the Fleet Reserve Association essay contest.

For specific details like criteria, type of application, and deadlines, students should visit the scholarship web link on Douglas High School’s web page to look at the posted bulletin: schools.dcsd.k12.nv.us/dhs/Scholarship/ScholarshipNew.htm.

Procrastination is not in any student’s best interest, especially during their senior year.

In fact, it’s been my own realization that I can’t switch my academic drive into neutral and just coast toward graduation.

I know if I don’t take advantage of these opportunities of financial aide, I will not be able to pursue my long-standing goal of attending college.

This last year of high school is proving to be a challenge for a lot of seniors, myself included, but for those who consistently keep up with scholarship news, the tension is slightly less.

Chrissy McLaughlin is a senior at

Douglas High School and is interning at The Record-Courier.