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Time to define Republican Party


We are starved for time, concerned for our community, and cynical of being able to get elected officials to do the right thing. A local group producing results in the face of these challenges is the Douglas County Republicans. This Jan. 29, Republicans in Douglas County have a critical, once-every-two-year opportunity, to define the Republican Party.

Some elected leaders have chosen not to follow the principles outlined by the party they ran for election under. The good news is that your local Republican central committee has made progress over the past few years in launching and leading the efforts to actively engage our politicians to help them analyze and testify on legislation. Douglas Republicans ask that you give us a few hours on Jan. 29 to help further define our Party, an important step in limiting government so we may all live freer and better lives.

Every two years, Nevada’s major political parties hold neighborhood precinct meetings. Historically, these meetings are poorly attended; a shame, since these meetings determine Republican Party principles and goals. With just a few hours of your time, you can help shape the Republican Party for the next two years.

At these meetings, “planks” (individual issues) are discussed, debated and voted on. This process answers the often asked, but seldom answered question, “what does the Republican Party stand for, specifically, what is the Republican Party, and who decides this?” You, us, we, together, as registered Republicans in Douglas County, decide what our party stands for and what our goals are. We also write and submit official inputs for state and national Republican Party platforms.

Please attend your neighborhood meeting with your ideas and questions. We’ll discuss and vote on the platform planks, as well as decide who among us neighbors should represent our precincts as a delegate to the Douglas County Republican Convention, March 8. The Convention will further develop and publish a platform to guide our party for the next two years.

At the county convention, the membership of the Central Committee for the next two years will be elected. The Committee manages the Party on behalf of the Republicans in Douglas. There are big plans to add to our accomplishments on legislation and in electing candidates that will respect our Platform goals. We remain closely engaged in helping our elected officials “stay on target” against the unsavory forces that seek political influence.

Douglas Republicans have real accomplishments under their belts. We humbly ask you to join us for a few hours, tell us what you think the Republican Party should be, meet us, and see what you think. We know your priorities are many and your time is short. Let us show you how we can make important use of your time to benefit your family, our community, state, and nation. We’ve learned what Margaret Mead once said is absolutely true, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

All Nevada registered Republicans are welcome to attend, Jan. 29, 2014. To see the meeting location for your precinct, visit our Voting Information page: http://www.douglasgop.org/p/voters.html or click the “Voting information” tab on the website. You also may telephone the Central Committee’s Headquarters at 75-782-4GOP (4467) for information.

Shawn Meehan