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Time to crack down on hate speech

Linda Koleff


In response to Marion Barritt’s letter, I wonder if you are just as incensed when Bill Maher uses filthy language to describe Sarah Palin, Hillary Clinton, and any other woman he dislikes. What about Ed Shultz’s calling Laura Ingraham a “right-wing slut?” It disgusts me to watch David Letterman because of his insulting jokes about women who are trying to improve our lives and country. There are many more commentators (some call themselves comedians) that disgrace the women of our country by making obscene, obnoxious comments regarding them.

If this is not a Republican, Democratic, or nonpartisan issue, then where is the outrage when these other commentators degrade women? I agree that it is time for these disgusting verbal abuses to end, but we have to hold all accountable, not just the few that the main stream media points out to us.