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Time to clean the Pine Nuts

Slightly more than two-thirds of Douglas County’s 738 square miles is held by the federal government.

Of that, 32 percent is under the Bureau of Land Management, while 18.5 percent is held by the U.S. Forest Service.

A proper description of the relationship of pubic lands to the entities controlling them is difficult.

Anyone who has spent any time in the Pine Nuts realizes how ironic the term management is when applied there.

No entity has the wherewithal to fully patrol and maintain public lands in Nevada. To be perfectly honest, that provides us with a sort of freedom that we enjoy here.

But to paraphrase the Federalist Papers, if angels governed people, we wouldn’t require government.

We suspect the Carson Range’s ruggedness is why it isn’t littered with bullet-riddled appliances and abandoned vehicles, unlike the Pine Nuts.

That’s why clean-up efforts like that this past weekend conducted by the Pine Nut Mountain Trails Association are so appreciated.

While the Sierra are close to fully leveraged recreationally for Douglas County’s future, there are still lots of opportunities in the Pine Nuts.

We offer our thanks to the volunteers who help remove the debris from the mountain chain. We hope those folks who play in the Pine Nuts will show their appreciation by taking what they pack in out with them.