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Time key in a crisis

How many ambulances should be serving Topaz Ranch Estates?

The community, located 20 miles south of Gardnerville in southern Douglas County, was home to 1,500 people in 2010, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

If you add in Topaz Lake, those precincts are home to about 1,700 of the county’s 37,000 voters, so does that mean the answer is not quite a twentieth of one?

Not by a long shot.

Because that’s not how we do business in Douglas County. The reality is that residents are spread all over the county, and East Fork Fire Protection District ambulances respond all over the place.

On Saturday morning, district medics responded to a call from a woman who was sick on Boulder in TRE. We know. We heard the call.

Just like the sheriff’s office, the district has to be prepared to send units where they’re needed when they’re needed.

We suspect Topaz Ranch Estates residents see the ambulance as often as Foothill residents do.

And on those days when numerous calls exceed East Fork’s reach, the district can call on its neighbors.

Ambulances from Carson City, Tahoe Douglas, and yes, Mono County sometimes come to East Fork’s aid, just as East Fork sometimes helps those jurisdictions.

That’s why we pose a different question. What’s more important in an emergency? Who responds, or how long it takes help to arrive?

To someone injured or sick, we suspect the latter.