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Tigers will bring the heat

Both the Douglas High classes of 1920 and 2020 had their schools closed for contagion and the graduates of both classes have lived through war.

But for the 15 members of the Class of 1920, much of that was behind them, and it would be another decade before the Great Depression arrived in Carson Valley.

For the nearly 400 students graduating on Saturday, they are still in the midst of the contagion and American service members have been fighting in foreign lands their entire lives.

The coronavirus has also brought what could be the second recession or worse in their 18 years.

But like generations of Americans who have endured adversity in the past, we believe the class of 2020 has been hardened to life’s challenges.

We believe that gives them the potential to go forward and do great things. They know that no one is going to hand them a living, or an education or a future, so the only option is to strive for those things.

We don’t see this class of Tigers retreating into self pity or doubt. We see them stepping forward and doing remarkable things as only Americans can.

The economy isn’t going to be good, even going to school or signing up for the military are going to be a challenge.

But overcoming challenges are what life’s all about. We expect the Tigers of the class of 2020 to claw their way through the hard times and come out stronger, smarter, faster and better on the other side.

Whatever their choices, we hope for the best for our 2020 graduates. They certainly have seen a lot of the worst during their short lives.