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Tigers roar can be heardacross Valley

The Minden Town Board observed a moment of silence on Wednesday in honor of former member Charlie Condron, who died on March 28.

We haven’t seen the obituary yet, but Carson Valley also lost retired East Fork Paramedic Bobby Wartgow recently.

Both men were Douglas Tigers, who spent their lives in Carson Valley making this a better place to live.

Condron received his teaching degree at the University of Nevada, Reno, and returned to change education in Douglas County.

Wartgow started saving lives, aiding the ill and injured, out of the gate when he graduated from Douglas High in 1981.

We will miss them both dearly.

But they are not even close to the last Tigers making this a great place to live.

We watched Douglas High graduate Jenifer Davidson, polite, confident and firm, as she worked with the Minden Town Board on Wednesday night. We anticipate great things from her as the new assistant Douglas County manager.

Tiger Glen Radtke is literally taking a wrench to the mess in the motor pool left by his predecessor.

Earlier that day, Skylar Young was clerking a major trial with Judge Tom Gregory, yet another Douglas graduate.

Our own Joey Crandall is working press relations for Carson Valley Medical Center.

It’s trendy to talk about America going to heck in a handbasket.

But every day we see our nation’s great potential in the people working in our little corner of Nevada, and it increases our confidence in the future.

There is darkness in every place. But we refuse to let darkness extinguish hope in our beautiful Valley.