Throw everyone out |

Throw everyone out


Does anyone really believe that millions of Americans who demonstrated in tea parties across this country have all been wrong?

Under this administration we have in less than one year increased our debt more than all of our 233 years as a country.

We have not only mortgaged the future of our grandchildren, we are relying on communist China to finance our debt.

We are now printing money faster than we can spend it, as a result our dollar is nearly worthless. Just look at the exchange rate between the dollar and the euro.

What can we do to change this?

Throw out all incumbents from both parties. They are a part of the mess we are in, by setting their own salary, their own health care, and by ignoring the will of the people.

Take our country back to its foundation: The American Constitution.

Our present left-wing government is not the answer, it will only speed up our way to socialism.

Remember Thomas Jefferson: “When a government gets so big as to give you all you want, it is also big enough to take everything away from you.”

Our forefathers also told us whenever government gets too big to listen to its people, to change it with one that will follow the Constitution.

P.S. We are the only country on earth blessed with a constitution that has guided us for over 200 years. Why in the world do we now want to turn our back on this great document?

Dieter Hoffmann