Thinking about a bypass |

Thinking about a bypass

We’ve been writing about Muller Lane Parkway and its predecessor since the county first decided it might be a good idea to route traffic around the twin towns of Minden and Gardnerville.

While the proposed bypass appears in a 1985 transportation plan, the idea long predates that.

There was once a route that led from around Cradlebaugh Bridge to Gardnerville called the Old Desert Road.

The route was the topic of legal wrangling that led to the Nevada Supreme Court in 1904. The county finally abandoned the route in January 1908, after the V&T Railway built its spur to Minden.

We’re beginning to wonder if the same fate shouldn’t befall Muller Lane Parkway. The county doesn’t have the right-of-way to the entire thing, and just building its portion exceeds $30 million.

Needless to say, there isn’t any money available to build the road. More importantly, Muller Parkway isn’t much of a bypass.

With a truck ban on the proposed route, we doubt the feds will consider it important enough to support, even if we did have matching funds, whatever those are.

The issue right now is that Highway 395 between Gardnerville and Carson is pretty dang packed with both local and regional traffic. Perhaps while we’re planning for roads that aren’t going to be built anyway, why not shoot the moon and go for an East Valley bypass.

We’ve no interest in any route that travels through people’s homes, which would just be more expensive and prompt public opposition. But if it can be built entirely on public land, and provide an alternative route for traffic that would otherwise pass through the middle of town, maybe that’s something worth thinking about.