Think it through |

Think it through

Letter to the EDITOR:

I do not think the proponents of the growth initiative have thought through the devastating effect the passage of that measure would have on our local economy. What is the first thing we hear about when our national economy is reported… ” housing starts!” It’s the biggest indicator of a healthy economy. One of the reasons we in the Carson Valley have not been adversely affected by the nations lagging economy is because of the growth that fuels our local construction industry.

Our master plan in Douglas County has served us well. It has given us steady growth without sacrificing the quality of life we enjoy in this beautiful Valley. To purposely stunt that growth would affect every working member of our community, from carpenters, electricians, plumbers and garage door companies to the suppliers of building materials. Stores like Home Depot and the new Meeks Building Supply would not be able to survive on the 280 homes the initiative would allow for.

Notice your neighborhood. How many of your neighbors work in one or another of the construction trades? On our small street alone there reside four small independent builders, all homeowners who would suffer great financial deficits if that measure were to pass. How about the real estate and related industries D the title companies, loan officers and banks. Our broken economy would force those working in all these industries to move on to where they are able to make a living, lowering property values with the mass exit of many of these workers and their families from our Valley. That situation could not help but filter down to our grocery stores, discount department stores, schools and the medical community, causing many more to lose their jobs.

When you drive down the street, look around. How many trucks and work vehicles with construction-related signs do you see? If you take note I think you will be very surprised at how many people would be affected by this poorly thought out measure. Your vote for the growth initiative would more than likely put the drivers of those vehicles out of work, along with some of their children’s teachers, grocery clerks and checkers at our new discount department stores.

I know we have a very large population of retirees who would not be negatively affected by the measure, who moved here because they like it the way it is. The growth initiative is based on fear and panic that growth will get out of hand. Indiscriminate changes in the master plan are the cause of that fear. Instead of a growth initiative why not just make sure we stick to our master plan. That way there are no surprises for any of us. Few people like change, but no matter what we do, it will happen anyway. It’s up to us what those changes will be.

Gail Davenport


Oct. 9