The unenforceable law |

The unenforceable law


I’m older now, and it isn’t my world anymore. But one thing the younger generation needs to know is that my generation never wasted time passing laws that we knew couldn’t be enforced. We never passed a law and then bought TV advertising space trying to sell it to the public like it was a box of Cheerios. We didn’t pass laws hoping for some sort of majority compliance. The success of a law wasn’t measured by how many people we could talk into obeying. We just passed enforceable laws and then proceeded to enforce them. Sorry. I’m showing my age here. I realize how old-fashioned that is now.

Here’s a few examples of unenforceable laws:

The seat belt law.

There is absolutely no way a single law enforcement officer can prove to a judge that I wasn’t wearing a seat belt if I say I was. I unhooked it after I stopped. Maybe they’ll start taking pictures.

The hand held phone device law.

My iPhone comes with a speaker. If I’m driving along by myself and my lips are moving I may be holding it below the level of the window and talking. But I might also be singing along to Bobby Bare’s version of “Dropkick me Jesus through the Goalpost of Life.”

It’s one of my favorites.

The 3 foot law for bicyclist.

If a law enforcement officer saw me passing a bicyclist within 3 feet how’s he going to prove it? Is his distance judgment licensed and registered with the state board of weights and measures?

“No sir, your honor.” I say. “I know he wrote me up for passing within 3 feet but I’m absolutely certain I was 3 inches in the clear.”

The only way that law can be enforced is if the bicyclist gets hit. I wonder why the bicyclists would lobby for a law that can only be enforced if they get sent to the hospital. Good luck with that one, boys.

The laws that limit the number of shells that a gun clip can hold.

How are they going to know until someone starts shooting? They’ll realize the law has been broken when the shot count goes over 10. And then they’ll rush in and put their foot down hard.

And then, of course, there’s Obamacare. Oh heck, my space here is limited.

Bob Murray