The people of Indian Hills will decide |

The people of Indian Hills will decide

Record Courier Staff Reports

Indian Hills is going to ask the Nevada Legislature to start it on its way to being Douglas County’s first city.

It will be up to legislators to determine if the figures presented in a feasibility study prepared by the Indian Hills General Improvement District do indeed add up.

If legislators decide there is a demand and a need for a new city, it will then be up to the district’s voters to make the final decision.

The issues dealing with converting the district into a city are complex. Jim Bentley speaking before a crowd of 60 people at Tuesday’s meeting said he was still working on gathering all the information to incorporate.

And that information is going to be critical to the people of Indian Hills over the next year before an election can be held on the issue.

We agree with many of the residents who said they need more information before they can make up their minds about whether the northern Douglas County community will survive as a city.

Without a doubt the next year will tell if the boat constructed by the district will even float. Then it will be up to voters to decide if they want to take a ride.

We believe that if the people of Indian Hills are given accurate information, they will be able to make the right decision.