The circus that is modern politics |

The circus that is modern politics

by Henry Pelifian

The political whirlwind since the presidential campaign of 2016 until today has been a media circus of denigrating and denouncing the winner of the election, President Trump. I remember when Barack Obama was elected in 2008, the only time I voted for him, it was widely disseminated in the press echoed by Democrats that if you do not like the president at least respect the office of the presidency. Since the election of 2016 the president and the office have been trashed by members of the opposing party and celebrities as well as the media. More sinister is the media’s relentless attack often without foundation on the new president. The furor of the election loss created the pretext of an investigation regarding “Russian collusion” in the election. The amount spent by the Russians has been documented to be insignificant. There is no question the Russians meddled, just as the Chinese and others meddled. It is not whether they meddled; it is whether the meddling was effective or pivotal in changing the election outcome. The answer has been known even though the media has been reluctant to report that Russian meddling had a negligible or nonexistent effect on the presidential election. Besides, no president in history has had an investigation leveled at him ordered by an appointee, without specific authorization from Congress, is so tenuous it is probably unconstitutional and career politicians have allowed it primarily because Republicans have been tamed and intimidated by the media like lions in a circus.

Not in modern history of this nation has a president been elected with the enormity of the mainstream media arrayed against him trying to take him down and remove him from office which has been reinforced by the Mueller investigation constantly looking for a crime and finding crimes decades old that have nothing to do with Trump. Recently, someone charged and convicted of tax evasion facing 30 years in prison had his sentence reduced to three years for saying the president told him to violate campaign laws. Why didn’t the IRS detect tax evasion 10 tax years ago for those convicted of it by Mueller? President Obama violated campaign laws in not reporting nearly $2 million and was fined $350,000. Double standards in a politicized DOJ/FBI are equivalent to a corrupt justice system.

The emergence of Nevada as a “blue state” coincides with a frenzied Democrat Party and media determined to oust Trump and denigrate his supporters while ignoring failures of Democrats. If this was done to Obama it would be considered intolerance and called racist. The Constitution guarantees a “free press,” which has become monolithic, biased and prejudiced bent on misinforming the nation generally benefiting one political party and its candidates and office holders.

News about neighboring California is like reading or watching a fairy tale where sanctuary cities, crime, fires and retirees fleeing the state are replaced with emotional news stories devoid of pivotal facts determining the effectiveness of government. If 1 million Martians living underground on Mars were forced to leave landing in California and quickly allowed driver’s licenses paving the way for them to vote, blurring the distinction between citizen and non-citizen for voting, is that fair or just to citizens and the nation? Yet millions of illegal aliens are allowed to do just that and not a whimper from the press or many elected politicians. Also if voting rolls were not adjusted for deaths and people moving to different voting jurisdictions we would have many millions more people on voting rolls than are legally allowed to vote creating an enormous potential for additional voter fraud.

Career politicians have resisted change and thwarted term limits because the largess they provide to powerful constituencies in the nation have made them imperious to change. Change is constant everywhere except in the political arena where members of Congress, often the leaders, stay in office for 30 to nearly 50 years becoming leaders of stagnation unable to solve national problems.

Henry Pelifian is a registered independent, a Vietnam veteran with an MBA from Thunderbird School of Global Management in Arizona and a former Peace Corps volunteer in Thailand with a public and private sector background.