The ‘Christaphobic’ attack on Christmas |

The ‘Christaphobic’ attack on Christmas

by Adam Barkley

Who would have thought that “Merry Christmas” would become a political statement? Last year about this time I bought cards by the box at Costco for members of First Baptist. Some of them read “Merry Christmas, the Christ is born” and others simply read “Happy Holidays.” To be honest, I was looking at the picture on the front and just assumed that the meaning would be understood as the same. I have probably taken it for granted, like 95 percent of Americans, that Christmas is a holiday, yes, but also much more.

I have told my kids as they have gone through the 2s and 3s, of Santa Claus and Rudolph. It’s all fun to them. I sat with them and watched the movie “Polar Express.” Great movie. But I have also told them of the historical event of the birth of Christ, the Son of God, and when Jesus was born as a baby in a manger. After all, religion aside, it is identified by the latest date of 2005, right?

Culturally, I believe Christmas has its roots deep in the very fabric of who we are as a people. Our very “Declaration of Independence” identifies our “creator” as the source of our life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Can I safely presume the writers were referring to God, as revealed to us in the Bible? You don’t have to be a religious person to accept that.

The United States of America is the greatest nation on earth. I believe that. We have our values and integrity as a people based and founded in Judeo-Christian principles. We are a Christian nation and most of Americans are proud of that.

You need to be aware of a radical secular movement in our nation to change who we are. It is their agenda to suppress the identification of God, even in the true meaning and words of “Merry Christmas.” It is their goal to remove any fundamental expression, written or verbal, of Christianity in any other venue other than the private sector. I believe this is an abomination and an insult to all true Americans. These radical secularists, primarily within our government and political organizations, have forgotten their place. They should exist to serve the people, their constituents. Their positions and offices do not exist merely as a conduit for their personal secular agendas. I don’t believe for a minute these secularists are looking after our best interests, but rather are motivated by “Christaphobic” hatred.

I do not fear their secular beliefs and they don’t have to believe in God as I do. But I think they fear God, and the Christian religion that is woven through the fabric of our national history, culture and citizenship. Their fear translates into hatred and thus motivates the action they take in assaulting the face of America.

If you read the second paragraph of our Declaration of Independence, it categorically says that government is empowered by the people, and if the “government becomes destructive” it is the right of the people to “abolish” them and form a new government. You have the power of your vote and the power of your money. Please use them to protect this nation under God.