The bad old days |

The bad old days


I love living here. The scenery is breathtaking, and the small town feeling is awesome.

However, now I have had a rude awakening from my otherwise euphoric situation. Although the members of the County Board of Commissioners are new since the bad old days several years ago, some of them really haven’t learned anything about a new approach with fresh faces when it comes to supporting the will of the people. Perhaps Ms. McDermid is being purposely forgetful with her seeming inability to recall our past.

The announcement of three new planning commission members was a real shocker. Doesn’t anyone remember the days of the attempts to keep our beautiful county rural with widespread public support for slower growth and, finally, the compromise adoption of the Growth Management Ordinance? Doesn’t anyone remember the efforts it took to rid the County of Don Miner and his ilk?

How can a guy who consults for Park Cattle Co. (now Edgewood Companies), a business totally focused on the goal of rezoning and chopping up our land into small parcels for profit have our best interests at heart? This company recently sought a master plan amendment to build 4,500 homes on property where they are currently entitled to 225 homes, and they will undoubtedly be coming forward in the not-too-distant future with a similar request that will initially be heard by the planning commission. Even if Mr. Miner resigned his new position on that commission, would he really be unbiased?

The next thing we’ll see is the return of former County Manager Dan Holler (perish the thought!) and with him, development mushrooming into the demise of our small town. We’re still reeling from the prospect of getting another Walmart.

With Mr. Miner on the planning commission and developer Greg Lynn and businessman Lee Bonner as commissioners along with McDermid, we don’t have a chance of retaining the charm of our quiet communities.

Joyce Richardson