The actual master plan vs. the idea of a master plan |

The actual master plan vs. the idea of a master plan

We have to wonder whether people would actually vote for the master plan if they knew what was in it.

We’ve heard surprise at what’s approved as part of the plan on more than one occasion, most recently the shock that the equivalent of the Gardnerville Ranchos could be built across Highway 208 from Topaz Ranch Estates.

We find the chance of that actually happening to be pretty slim, but nonetheless there are 1,044 acres of receiving area sitting on the Sleeping Elephant Ranch, which has been the plan for a quarter of a century.

We’ve found that property referred to as a future urban service area dating back to the formative years of the current master plan.

While the definition of urban service area has changed over the decades the reality is that planners and developers have been eyeballing that property for homes for a long time.

While none of the projects proposed for the land north of Minden and Gardnerville have been approved, county planners have long assumed that would be the direction the towns would grow.

That was one of the justifications for Muller Parkway, which was to serve as the northern boundary for the towns. The county even approved the towns’ Plans for Prosperity, which shows that land as the extension of the towns.

But politics is the art of the possible, and after sitting through two master plan workshops and having heard residents protest, it seems like the latest approval will be a longshot.

But Nevada’s been a betting state since its inception, first on mineral wealth and then gambling on legalized gaming.

One sure wager is that whatever happens this November will reverberate into next year’s elections.