That’s our band |

That’s our band

Staff reports

By the time you read this, the Douglas High School Band will probably be planted on a street corner somewhere in Washington, D.C., ready to make its contribution to the 43rd Presidential Inauguration.

As they prepared to leave, the band members were hopeful they would get a glimpse of George W. Bush as he traverses the parade route. They were eager to see Washington, D.C., and the sights and sounds that usually come to Carson Valley through a second-hand media source.

The band’s road to Washington has been a roller coaster, starting with a feverish fund-raising campaign and triggering arguments about whether the trip was a proper use for public funds.

Whatever your opinion, many good things resulted.

The community came together, both to help and to debate. Douglas County again distinguished itself, this time by being one of only a handful of communities in the Western United States to send a high school band to the Inaugural. And some students are having a once-in-a-lifetime experience that epitomizes the goals of our educational system.

So, as the television cameras follow George W. and his entourage through the streets, look closely at the spectators for a group of black-and-orange clad teen-agers who will undoubtedly be grinning from ear to ear. And don’t be shy – you won’t be the only Northern Nevadan pointing at the group and bragging that you helped them get there.