Thanks to the villagers |

Thanks to the villagers

Shalene Hillbrick


I would like to thank Willy Webb, Cindy, Peggy, Amy, Lindsey, Susan and Stacey, the Genoa Bar Staff, for the fantastic job they did organizing and collecting donations for the fundraiser last Saturday night.

I was completely overwhelmed by the amount of people that showed up and the valuable donations made by local businesses and families. It was beyond anything I had imagined. Truly a heartwarming and emotional experience.

Some friends from Carson were very impressed by the community’s willingness to pull together to help its own.

The comment was made, “I guess it does take a village.”

I want to thank all of the villagers for their generous donations. Your donations will be used wisely and will truly help me and my daughters get through this cancer nightmare we are living every day.