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Thanks to Golden Nugget Automotive

Samdra Fraga


I would like to give my sincere thanks and gratitude to Golden Nugget Automotive, Mike the owner, and Wendy for being compassionate, helping me in every way possible in fixing my car, picking me up off the ground when I had several meltdowns but most of all their honesty. I brought my car into them a mess after the competitor in town had it and said it was fixed, when if fact it wasn’t. Then they would tell me it was something else, then something else and it went on and on until I was financially and emotionally drained. The competitor knew my financial position, that I’m handicapped and very ill. I feel I had sucker all over me and they took advantage of my situation. For two months almost every day I was there because they never fixed the problem. They said they did, but in reality they didn’t. The mental anguish was just as bad as the financial aspect of the whole mess. I finally had to take it one step further and go to the Attorney General for Consumer Advocacy. They reimbursed me a little too late.

Golden Nugget has been doing everything possible to fix the mess that was made and I feel so blessed knowing they are the ones who are doing a great job. Finally, my car is getting fixed. The competitor said they replaced power steering pump. They did that 2 times. Then they said they replaced pressure line. Then the serpentine belts, then the cv axles in front. Well, all they could tell me is we’ll reimburse you, that it’s just where they get their parts. I mean get real, every part just so happened to be bad just on my car.

So Mike at Golden Nugget Automotive got all that fixed properly. But he did tell me the timing belt needed to be replaced. I trust his word. So I left and on my way home Mike’s secretary, Wendy, called me and said someone anonymously donated $100 to getting my timing belt done. I broke down and cried. So, whoever this person is that donated the $100 I want to say thank you so much and God Bless You. There are still some honest and kind people out there. Golden Nugget, you’re the best! Thank you for your honesty and for fixing my car.

My sincere thanks to all at Golden Nugget and the person who donated.