Thanks to Gardnerville gardeners |

Thanks to Gardnerville gardeners


Main Street Gardnerville is indebted to the following sponsors who helped support the hanging flower basket program this summer.

Thank you to all.

We value your commitment to our community.

Gary Allen/Green Meadows MHP, Nancy Bargman and Susan Rehm, Mark Bartolomucci, Worth Borda, Ed Budden, Ward Bummer/Sarah MacMonagle, Dorette Caldana, Carson Valley Dental Arts & Implant Dentistry, Suzanne Colyer and Kathy Carpenter, Tom Dallaire, Scott Doyle, Tammy Duhs, Eric Egan, Jerry Feigner, Ken and Dorothy Gardner, Dennis and Hollie Giottonini, Joan Hall, John and Susan Hanley, Alfred and Vicki Hitchcock, Georgia and Mike Huff, Jack Jacobs, Sally Jasperson, Beverly Johnson, Eloise Kettenburg, Sarah Lawrence, Let It Ride Investors of Carson Valley, Bob Lochridge, Noel and Louise Manoukian, Ken Miller, Don Miner DC, Leonard and Marabel Moorhead, Edna Mross, Cindy Nye, Martha O’Neill, Marcella Oxoby, Jim Park, Daniel and Janet Patten, The Record-Courier, Roger and Carol Sandmeier, Trudi Sandmeier, Andrew Seeley, John and Alice Shefchik, Daniel Shellhammer, Randy Slater, Dan and Linda Stratton, Roger Teig, Ray Tomalas, Roger Van Alyne, Mike and Ariane Walter, George Wennhold, Tom and Kathryn Zogorski. In addition, your support benefited the Douglas High School Tiger Lily Floral Shop and China Spring Youth Camp and Aurora Pines Girls Facility, the flower growers for this year. We are also grateful to Heather and Kris Kahabka of Plant It Nursery for organizing these two groups and for supplying the space and care for the adopt-a-pots that were placed in front of businesses along Main Street. Of course, none of this could happen without the assistance of the “Gardeners of Gardnerville” and wonderful backing from the Town of Gardnerville. Main Street Gardnerville appreciates all of your contributions.

Paula Lochridge

Main Street Gardnerville Program Manager

Carol Sandmeier

Main Street Gardnerville Design Committee