Thanks to all the candidates |

Thanks to all the candidates

As of this writing, we have no idea which candidate is going to win the election, but with the level of turnout we expect on Tuesday, we know that whoever it is will have won a hard-fought race.

Partisan voters have been coming out in droves and in Douglas County, at least, in equal percentages.

That leaves independent and minor party voters to carry the day in tight partisan races on Election Day, if they haven’t been driven off by the constant haranguing we’ve all been subjected to over the past six months on our televisions, in our mailboxes, over our telephones and even at our door stoops.

We can say for certain that as of this writing, all that is over. Candidates will begin to take down their signs today, the airwaves will suddenly clear of political advertising like a fog giving way to the sun.

Whether they succeeded or failed in their efforts, we offer our thanks and congratulations to all of the candidates who participated in this election. Without their willingness to be put themselves out there, our system would not work.

Our congratulations also to our Douglas County voters, who have shown no sign of relenting in their participation.

Whatever the outcome of this election, we know that we’ve done our duty as citizens.