Thanks Ms. Carol |

Thanks Ms. Carol


With the summer coming to an end and school about to start we, being the proud parents of a 5-year-old, who is about to be in kindergarten, are probably more nervous and anxious than she.

It’s almost the same feeling new parents have when they must return to work and need a safe, caring daycare provider for their new baby – not an easy decision.

For the past 31⁄2 years our daughter has attended pre-school at Ms. Carol’s Christian Daycare in the Gardnerville Ranchos.

We are so grateful every day for the warm environment Carol Swart provides for our daughter in her home. While we’re at work we know that our daughter and the other kids who attend Ms. Carol’s pre-school are learning the Christian pre-school curriculum, as well as manners, social skills, tidiness and good behavior. These are all so important in the growth of young people as they prepare for their journeys through elementary school.

We know that what we teach at home is reinforced by Mr. Carol during the day. Thank you for being a wonderful teacher and great example to our daughter. We love you.

Ken, Karyn and Kristyn Webb