Thanks for the support |

Thanks for the support


It is difficult to explain the feeling of complete surprise that comes from a party well planned and held in such secret. To everyone involved in my 30th year anniversary I am eternally grateful. Thirty years seems a long time, yet the time has passed well. Good friends and a church congregation that truly seeks to serve their Lord and to follow the wanderings of a pastor as flawed as me make the years a very special blessing. In the mix of so many that did so much to make the day both a surprise and a success I must remember at least two. Len Frueh is an amazing gift to our community! His faith and his heart are worn on his sleeve every day and I am truly blest to call him my friend. Gil Goode has such a way with tri-tip and chicken. His meal would have made the night on its own. Both these gentlemen will be embarrassed at this letter. So be it. Paybacks like this feel rather wonderful. Cathy and I are so fortunate to be a part of this amazing valley. Thank You to all who made my night so very special.

Pete Nelson