Thanks for the service |

Thanks for the service


Once again, I can say that I’m proud to live in a community where a small business has earned my respect, and recommendation to others. I wanted to shout a big thank you to Norris Auto Body on Industrial Way.

After being rear-ended about a month ago, I took my SUV down there and quickly scheduled the repair. No more than a week after I picked up my beautifully repaired vehicle, I was visiting a ranch where a couple of dogs literally attacked my brand new bumper and put some massive scratches in it. Not knowing what to do, I went back to Norris to ask for touch up paint, or a recommendation on what to do.

They were kind enough to actually take my car back in the shop, buff out what they could of the scratches, do the touch up paint, and even put clear coat over those spots. Short of replacing my bumper, again, they did the best they could to make a customer happy. Thank you.

Tami Anderson