Thanks for the great horse rescue |

Thanks for the great horse rescue

Tequila and owner Deb Walker are reunited on Monday after residents help find the runaway horse.
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On Monday morning I trailered my horse to the Equine Staging area at Stephanie Lane. While I was getting things ready, out of her halter she came and with tail in the air, she took off to the vast Northern Nevada lands. I was stunned and really didn’t know what to do. Two riders from Kids n Horses, Kelly and Jeannie grabbed the halter I had and took off in search of my mare Tequila. My riding buddy Petra Keller arrived soon after and quickly saddled her horse while shouting I needed to post on Facebook. And so I did, and that is when I realized this community would change my life, impact people all over the nation, and eventually find my horse. The post eventually hit over 100 shares from the Minden/Gardnerville Community Page. complete strangers and some close friends offered to saddle and ride out, others would get their dirt bikes, OHV’s, POV’s…to look for Tequila. So many volunteers stepped up and helped…I was just stunned.

Hours went by and other than an early sighting in Coyote Canyon, nothing.

And then Petra and looked in the air and saw the Soaring NV tow plane

taking gliders out to soar. Petra quickly made a call to local

photographer and friend to us both, John Humphrey. He made a call to

Laurie Harden, owner of Soaring NV, and asked if the tow pilot could search the area. She then spoke with pilot Tony Hulse’s wife, Marie, so that she could radio Tony. We knew he had begun his search by the way he was flying systematically over the area she was last seen in. He also flew by and dipped his wings and I believe that’s when he found her.

Soon after, we received a text with Tequila’s exact coordinates and a picture. I texted the pictures sent to me to everyone searching. At the “command center” we were struggling with the coordinates until Blane (a college student who lives in the area) rode up. He said he could put coordinates in with his hunting GPS. And seriously, he hopped back on his horse and said he knew exactly where she was Off they ran like an Old Western movie.

During the painstaking wait, I was still communicating with searchers and waiting to hear any word from anyone. Finally the news came, they’d spotted her and were going to attempt to capture her. I was receiving updated pictures, via text, from Penny who drove out to get Petra, so I really felt like I was there. The next thing I see is a text that said she’d been haltered, and Blane and his dad were ponying her back.

This community rallied around a horse and a rider they did not know, but cared about. Many out-of-town friends on my page were just amazed at our Valley and residents as they followed the days events. I’m so proud to be part of this valley and blessed to be living here among such wonderful people.

Deb Walker is a Fish Springs resident.