Thanks for the great column |

Thanks for the great column


I lost my husband Dec. 11, and with writing his obituary, preparing for his Jan. 12 church service, and writing the myriad not-yet-finished thank-you notes, this response to Alpine County Undersheriff’s Rob Levy’s guest opinion (R-C Dec. 21) is very belated.

That heart-warming and thought-provoking guest opinion is the best one yet printed.

Rob Levy in his “Sharing the Christmas tree brooch” story gave that “old woman” (a category in which I share) the most wonderful gift of listening.

As he reminisced about his no-longer living father and grandmother, my eyes filled with tears as I thought back to the grandparents gone before I was born and the father I lost at age 3, and the childhood Christmas Eves spent on an Iowa farm with my widowed mother and younger sister and brother.

Thank you Rob for penning that wonderful story. I look forward to your first book.

Jean Albertini