Thanks for the donation |

Thanks for the donation


On behalf of my awesome students, I would like to thank the “Secret Santa” who left a very generous donation in my school mail box on Dec. 12. The High Desert Steel group is made up of 7-9th-grade students from Pau-Wa-Lu Middle School and 10-12th-grade students from Douglas High School. This group performs on average 10 times throughout the year at various community events.

The maintenance of these instruments is very expensive. These drums should be tuned a minimum of once per year and the closest place to get them tuned is in Long Beach, Calif. Because of the great expense and distance, we sometimes have to go as long as three years before we have the funding to get them tuned. Thanks to our “Secret Santa” who donated enough to cover the entire cost, we will be getting our steel drums tuned this summer.

Tammy Owens

music director

Pau-Wa-Lu Middle School